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The Pearl of the Black Sea
With its past beginning from the years BC, its economical nature and geographical location, Trabzon is the largest city in the Eastern Black Sea region. Trabzon is also declared as one of the 15 attraction centers in Turkey. With these specialities, Trabzon is a center of attraction for the potential investments in Turkey.

A City of University and the Education Center of the Region
One of the best and greatest universities in Turkey, Karadeniz Technical University located in Trabzon. It is founded in 1955 and the only university that has been set up in a city other than the greatest cities of Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara, and one of the 4 technical universities in Turkey. The potential in higher education and the geographical location of Trabzon offers many opportunities for the new private and international universities to be founded. The development activities of two private universities are already in progress. Besides the university, Trabzon draws a profile of a city without any issues in the view of qualified workforce with vocational high schools and academies.

The Olympics and Sports Centre of Black Sea
Trabzon, the only city besides Istanbul which has a football team achieved championships in the premier league of Turkey, is also a suitable place for water sports, air sports and hill climbing with its developed infrastructures and the young population. “1st Black Sea Games” has performed in Trabzon in 2007 and “European Olympic Youth Festival” is going to be organized also in Trabzon.

The Health Centre of Trabzon
As a metropolis of the region, Trabzon is a nominee to serve healthcare services to Black Sea basin, Commonwealth of Independent States and the Russian Federation with the existing healthcare facilities and 170 medical companies. Trabzon has become an important healthcare centre with Farabi Hospital which serves medical services under the frame of Karadeniz Technical University Medical Faculty and the other healthcare institutions. This statue of Trabzon is covering an evolution in the field of healthcare services not only to the provinces of the region, but also the neighbouring countries. Especially considering the great demand of the region, the needs for oncology treatment units and laboratories rise up to extraordinary levels. As respect of the local climatic conditions as well as its geographical location, Trabzon has an important potential in the field of setting up, running and serving healthcare services and new nursing and rehabilitation centres for old people. Trabzon has all the opportunities for all private investments in medical services.

Logistics Centre of Black Sea
Trabzon Harbour is the biggest harbour in the Eastern Black Sea region which is an important place and drawing a high potential in the field of logistics. As respect to its strategic location, Trabzon Harbour is the sea gate of the shortest route in the path to the countries located in Caucasia and in the Middle Asia. It is one of the most important stop points on the TransCaucasia corridor which is the shortest route to Commonwealth of Independent States and Turkic Republics with its road and airways connections. Trabzon Harbour, which has connections with all the harbours in the Black Sea, Mediterrenean and the Aegean Sea, is the biggest one of the Eastern Black Sea region with the capacity of keeping 500 000 tons of load at a time, stevedoring of 15 ships at the same time and 3,5 million tons of goods per year and operating in 24 hours a day. Trabzon harbour has a distance of 700 km to Tabriz, which is the one of the most important trade centres of Iran, 525 km to Constanza, one of the most important harbours in Europe, 233 km to Novorossiysk of the Russian Federation and 110 miles to Poti in Georgia.
Trabzon also has the biggest airport of the region. Trabzon Airport has built in 1957 and holding scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international flights since 1995 for 24 hours a day. After the declaration of the Airport as a border gate and opening of the Airport to the international flights, customs units have been created. 9 foreign and 8 domestic originated companies are working in the free zone of Trabzon. These firms are working in the fields of trade, manufacturing, warehousing, renting and BKİ. There are 100 workers employed in such companies.
Also right after the coastal highway has been fully operational, the road transport issues of the province has been solved and improvements has experienced especially in tourism, trade and industrial sectors.

A City without Energy Issues
Trabzon is a gifted city in terms of water sources, availability of solar and wind power. Furthermore, a great advantage for the city in power is going to be provided after the completion of the natural gas delivery network in 2010.
Atasu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant which is still on construction on the Galyan River, Maçka, is going to satisfy the water needs of Akçaabat and Yomra of Trabzon until the year 2057. There are 128 Hydroelectric Power Plant project has been developed to convert the great water flow potential of the rivers in the region into industrial power. The overall installed power capacity of this plants is 1021,30 MW and the overall electricity production capacity of 3695,64 GWh/year. 106 of these projects have been delivered a pre-feasibility report and 53 of them are at the feasibility stage and the overall installed capacity of those plants is 364,69 MW and the total electrical energy to be produced is 1188,64 GWh/year. 10 projects are about to be signed the water rights contracts, and having an overall installed power capacity of 161,26 MW and the electrical energy to be produced is 609,73 GWh/year.
40 projects are ready to be built up and their installed capacity is 429,70 MW and the overall electrical energy production capacity is 1614,79 GWh/year. 3 of the projects are completed and their overall installed power is 64,60 MW and overall electrical energy production capacity is 282,15 GWh/year.

The Industry and Technology Centre of the Region
Trabzon is a leading city in Turkey with its international airport, harbour, exhibition centre, accommodation and tourism potential. It is one of the cities that located in the least dangerous seismic zone and is carrying a great availability for the investments with its geographical location.
Trabzon Technology Development Centre is set up with the aims of building the bridges of cooperation between industry and the universities and research centers, raising the potential of the industry of the region up to a higher level, producing information and bringing innovation in the production techniques, lowering the production costs and maximizing the profits; and is waiting for the individuals wishing to renew and develop their enterprises, wants to use and to implement the latest technologies and suffering the needs of R&D activities.

Touristic Centre of the Region
Eastern Black Sea Region has a great potential in cultural, historical, archaeological and touristic aspect. Urban architecture, ethnographical materials, works of art, traditional handicrafts are preserved. Eastern Black Sea Region has a unique flora that can be founded very rare in the world. With its botanic-park like imagery and its flora containing 2500 unique species of endemic plants are providing a great availability to Trabzon for the touristic facilities.
Trabzon is a metropolis in the view of tourism which achieved a great success in a short period of time and developing steadily in constructing the infrastructure. It is a prominent city with the strategic and economic vision in the globalizing and re-constructing world conjuncture. It also offers lots of utilities to the congress and meeting tourism. Although it seems like the focus is on the natural and tableland tourism, with its international airport, harbor, World Trade Centre, growing number of accommodation facilities and meeting halls existing and still on construction, it has a lot to serve to the expanding demand in Turkey.
Trabzon has prepared a Tourism Master Plan in order to improve the tourism sector including eco-tourism, expanding the inter-regional cooperation, attracting the interest of the domestic and foreign people, consuming the existing sources more effectively, to include the idle sources in and to develop new proposals an technical means. Trabzon is also the centre of “Services and Development Union of the Eastern Black Sea Provinces” and working in a coordination with the other cities of the union to organize “Two Countries One Tour” project with the attendance of Batumi, Georgia.
The alternative tourism opportunities like cultural, health, sports, youth and yacht tourism are also available on demand. In consequence of the situation, countryside development projects, touristic facilities of Zigana, and Çakırgöl ski resort which is on construction provides a great infrastructure for the investments to be done in terms of winter and mountain sports tourism in the region.

A Rising Star in Ship Construction
The environment after the cold war brings a huge importance to the sea logistics in the Black Sea, providing the connection of the Eastern Bloc countries to the west. These progressions brought a raising incline of development to the ship construction sector. This ship and container trafficin the Black Sea effects the ship building sector in the Black Sea Region directly and the importance of the shipyard of Trabzon is increased.
The Sürmene Shipyard with its qualified workforce in steelworks and welding technologies are expected to be an engine to the development of Trabzon. A great strategical support to the defense industry and a great income of 150M$ is expected with the completion of Çamburnu Yeniay Yeniçam Shipyard which will provide the employment of 5000 people.