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After the completion of Arsin and Beşikdüzü Industrial Zones, the construction of Vakfıkebir and Akçaabat Organized Industrial Zones has begun in our province. The industrialists in the zones can benefit of the act of law which aims to execute tax and insurance premiums incentives, provide energy and free of charge land property support.

Trabzon Arsin Organized Industrial Zone is set up on 983.420 m2 land in Arsin by an entrepreneur board made up of Special Provincial Administration, Municipality of Trabzon, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Municipality of Arsin with the loan contribution of Ministery of Industry and Commerce in 1985. The zone has an export volume of millions of dollars, an important contribution to the local and national economy and modern facilities. According to the approved zoning plan, there are 89 parcels ranging from a minimum of 4410 m2 to a maximum of 27353 m2. All the parcels in the area are submitted to the industrialists and providing the employment of 3500 personnel. There are 19 sectors of manufacturing especially food, machine, forestry products and glass industry. Trabzon Arsin Organized Industrial Zone is providing considerable contribution to the national economy with its export volume of 224 million dollars and an import volume of 16 million dollars.

Beşikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone is placed 50 km west of Trabzon and 3 km away from the Giresun state route. The construction of local infrastructure units like drinkable water and sewerage systems, drenages, AC power lines and land-subdivision has been completed. The zone is been provided an electrical voltage of 31,5 kV and an installed power of 1180 MW. The land allocation to some companies has been completed and the constructions on these lands are still continuing. With the result of the recent land planning, the number of total parcels raised up to 39. The latest scene shows there are still 18 parcels are available for the investment of the entrepreneurs. The available parcels’ areas are varying from 4000 to 5000 m2. According to the investment circumstances and the approval of Ministery of Industry and Commerce, adjacent parcels can be united to provide larger zones of construction. The zone is going to provide a great contribution to the employment of Trabzon by giving 2000 person a job when it reaches its maximum capacity.

Vakfıkebir Organized Industrial Zone is placed 45 km west of Trabzon and 4,5 km away from the Giresun state route, having a total area of 830 000 m2 and which will be active in a short period of time.

Akçaabat Organized Industrial Zone is located in south of Trabzon and has a distance of 12 km to the Giresun state route. It has an area of 870 000 m2. As a response to the proposal of loan of 13,5 million dollars in order to expropriation of the area and the connection ways, expropriation has been completed in a wide range with the contribution amount of 10 million dollars provided in 2009. The construction tenders and land appropriation processes would be completed within the year 2009 and started in 2010. The location of Trabzon and the recent act of incentive makes the zone a center of attraction for the investors.